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Baking cookies with ingredientsIndulgence Bakery was formed in Ottawa, Ontario in 2014 based on Sara Miles‘ passion for baking and decorating cakes for her friends, family and co-workers.  As requests for her treats grew more frequent, her hobby quickly developed into a small business.  Currently, Indulgence Bakery is not operating for the public, but is a place to share and showcase her creations.

An unlikely start to a baker’s career, Sara studied at Computer Science at Carleton University in Ottawa and has been working as a software developer and software manager at Kinaxis ever since, while spending her evenings and weekends baking in her home.  Two very different passions, but both passions all the same.  Sara likes to draw on the similarities in the two industries – the structure of elaborate cakes is an engineering challenge, the science of baking requires great attention to detail, and each dessert can be created in a hundred different ways, much like software solutions.